A Conversation from Yesterday

  • Friend (Male): I'm sorry to use that expression, I know girls don't like that.
  • Me: That didn't offend me.
  • Friend (Male): Well you're like half girl, half not, so I'm never sure.

Day Old Salads turned 1 today! Thanks Tumblr, I appreciate the yellow frosting.

Coincidentally enough, today is also the day that one of the closest relationships I’ve ever had, from the very beginning of abroad — abroad being the entire point for this blog — falls through. So it goes. 

“Profound comedians have always been hard to come by; funny philosophers perhaps even more so.”
— Introduction to Zhuangzi, Ziporyn translation

A Question for Adults:

Will there still be gum under my desk when I have a real job?

In the basement stacks of Olin Library 08/07/2014. In the basement stacks of Olin Library 08/07/2014.

In the basement stacks of Olin Library 08/07/2014.

My favorite teacher I never had, he’s the speckle of hope in the modern American educational system. 

A beautiful example of the way in which 99% of America works - we like ideas, 
and feel great about ourselves for having them, but more often than not an idea is about all that comes to fruition. And ultimately that means nothing. And that really, really sucks. 

“One day [after the Vietnam War], we received a letter telling us about a young girl on a small boat who was raped by a Thai pirate.
She was only twelve, and she jumped into the ocean and drowned herself.
When you first learn of something like that, you get angry at the pirate. You naturally take the side of the girl. As you look more deeply you will see it differently. If you take the side of the little girl, then it is easy. You only have to take a gun and shoot the pirate. But we can’t do that. In my meditation, I saw that if I had been born in the village of the pirate and raised in the same conditions he was, I would now be the pirate. There is a great likelihood that I would have become a pirate. I can’t condemn myself so easily. In my meditation, I saw that many babies are born along the Gulf of Siam, hundreds every day, and if we educators, social workers, politicians, and others do not do something about the situation, in twenty-five years a number of them will become sea pirates. That is certain. If you or I were born today in those fishing villages, we might become sea pirates in twenty-five years. If you take a gun and shoot the pirate, you shoot all of us, because all of us are to some extent responsible for this state of affairs.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh, Being Peace

"I like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It’s so fuckin’ heroic."
- #georgecarlin

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Playing in my mind here and there for the past two weeks. 

going through my archive, study abroad still doesn’t seem real

Huh. Unlike the usual “What blank-da-blank says about ‘you’” stories of negative worth, this one’s got a pretty interesting angle.