I am 0% surprised. 

“When someone assures me, with profound sincerity, that they don’t have a drinking problem, I assume they have a sincerely profound drinking problem.”
— "Eryk", of This Japanese Life

your favorite playground wine™

Here Are Some Pieces of My Hair to Worship - the Buddha

“‘Good sir, give us a memento of yourself that we can worship.’
"The Master then rubbed his head and with his right hand gave the two men eight handfuls of hair relics."

(From the Pali Manorathapurani)

But who decided that giving out your hair was a good idea and that people would want it. BD that it’s the Buddha’s; still gross. 

black and yellow Argiope
A huge and beautiful nuisance at most

“Earth and heaven endure forever,
Streams and mountains never change.
Plants observe a constant rhythm,
Withered by frost, by dew restored.
But man, most sentient being of all,
In this is not their equal.
He is present here in the world today,
Then leaves abruptly, to return no more.
No one marks there’s one man less —
Not even friends and family think of him;
The things that he once used are all that’s left
To catch their eye and move them to grief.
I have no way to transcend change,
That it must be, I no longer doubt.
I hope you will take my advice:
When wine is offered, don’t refuse.”
— T’ao Yuan-ming
“This body is devoid of self, fragile, without substance, subject to suffering, unrewarding, and always impure; it would be foolish not to sacrifice it out of kindness for the sake of someone else.”
— Translated from the Vyaghrijataka; ed. P.L. Vaidya

I can’t

get through my East Asia readings for my thesis or courses without “flashbacks” debilitating my focus. It feels like one of those things that was never resolved, and therefore nags at you as soon as there’s any reason for your memory to recall it. It was the best of times and worst of times, and I wish it would leave me alone these times. 

I miss Japan, I think. But I also like it better here, I think. 

Enter, Senior Year. T minus 8.5 months. Ready I’m not, here it comes. 

A Conversation from Yesterday

  • Friend (Male): I'm sorry to use that expression, I know girls don't like that.
  • Me: That didn't offend me.
  • Friend (Male): Well you're like half girl, half not, so I'm never sure.

Day Old Salads turned 1 today! Thanks Tumblr, I appreciate the yellow frosting.

Coincidentally enough, today is also the day that one of the closest relationships I’ve ever had, from the very beginning of abroad — abroad being the entire point for this blog — falls through. So it goes. 

“Profound comedians have always been hard to come by; funny philosophers perhaps even more so.”
— Introduction to Zhuangzi, Ziporyn translation

A Question for Adults:

Will there still be gum under my desk when I have a real job?

In the basement stacks of Olin Library 08/07/2014. In the basement stacks of Olin Library 08/07/2014.

In the basement stacks of Olin Library 08/07/2014.