Just what we all need, another college Study Abroad Blog. Kansai Gaidai (Osaka/Hirakata City), Japan otherwise, and stuff. But mostly food por...traits. HERE GOES.

The Ride

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About 11:45 PM, Friday Night, the twenty-eighth of February
260 Pine with destination Low Rise

His long stride carried him out to the middle of the van’s path, where he hailed it like a taxi with cigarette in hand in the most abrasive fashion, long open coat cape-like in the wind behind him. 

He got into the campus shuttle van (“The Ride”), while a few of his female friends, clad in their “going out” attire — unflatteringly-too-tight skirts and dresses, and not an inch too inappropriate for the sixteen degree weather — came behind him. 

He got into the front passenger seat of the van as the driver told him not to do that in the middle of the road (like he needed to tell him that), while the boy talked over him to say an empty stock-phrase “thank you”, not caring to hear a word the van driver said. 
One of the female friends stood outside of the van with the sliding door wide open, to wait for her friends, who were still strolling as casually as oblivious geese across a highway. (Which is casual, mind you.) They rather resembled geese. Waddle, waddle. 

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and I guess that mean’s I’m back

So like the pitiful little lost dog that I am, I’m back to the house that fed me. 

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Ride with me by nelly

was a fundamental part of my childhood.

wildly inappropriate. 

I Did it. I made another blog.

I’m a boob. But I caved, and it happened. However, I wanted to move away from Tumblr (perhaps because it’s not super text-friendly), so you can find it on Weebly, here

Straight bummin’. 


Well, Semester Abroad is over. 

All my posts are posted. 

And I am back to Real Life in the Real World: America and then Wes it is. 

A whole semester — just like my other academic semesters up until now — has passed, but I felt like that didn’t really happen. In short, the semester still has not been and likely will not ever be comprehended as a part of my life that realistically existed. So it goes. L.O.L.

I have not yet decided if I will create another Tumblr (begrudgingly I have become rather fond of it) which undoubtedly would be a mess of the most random whatevers so it may not be the best idea, but for the time being I will return to the blogs I contribute to/run at my university: 

WesStuffed (campus food blog: writer, photographer, and editor)

Wesleyan University Admissions (bi-weekly update on how much I shamelessly love Wesleyan and what I am doing there. WESLEYAN!!)

WILDWes (blog creator; sustainable landscaping group on campus I co-taught a forum for slash was a fellow for over the summer to build a set of stairs, machine-free!)

WILDWes also has a Twitter I co-run, and I have a personal one as well. Just In Case. 

Thanks for sticking around, and Take Care until you read me here or on another social media platform. 

PS — Beer vending machine in KIX for the win. 

Nerds tree

Christmas Cake
(just one of them)
I wrote a very opinionated final post on Korea but I thought better not to post it.

So this is my transition sentence which smoothly changes the subject (back to Japan). 

“Kansigh of Relief” Pt. II (Because You Know You Wanted to be Reminded of that Pun Again and Also So it Doesn’t Seem So Long)

My friend and I ended up crashing that night at his aunt’s place since it was a five minute cab ride away as opposed to an hour train ride (which was no longer running by that time anyway). We slept until noon-thirty easily, but then decided it was time to get on with our day and met my friend’s father for lunch at a “hole in the wall” for an invigorating bibimbap lunch (more gojuchang, please). Afterwards we wandered around historical districts and consumed street food after street food (hyperlink to street food post), and went back to the aunt’s for dinner where she was also hosting my Kansai friends. We had plans to all go to the Seoul Tower together after, which is what we then did.

Then it was finally time to say “goodbye” (or as I prefer, “じゃね” because it isn’t quite so Goodbye) to the last of the Kansai kids I got to see this semester, and my friend and I went the long way back to his grandma’s so I could pack and he could shower (finally shower off the club smoke a day later) and sleep.

"Kansigh of Relief" (was that a bad pun? I can’t even tell anymore; bad news.)

Conveniently and wonderfully, a group of four other Kansai Kids were also visiting Korea the days after the academic semester concluded.  I was staying quite a ways away from them, but there was No Way I was going to go without seeing them while there. Especially since one of those days was one of the kid’s birthdays! So after dinner, in our true fashion, we met up with them at their hostel to visit the conbini and subsequently drank a lot of cruddy beer in what seemed to be liter containers with shochu in it (why Koreans do that who knows).

(We couldn’t play any drinking card games, though ^)

By 11:30 we were definitely in prime condition to go out (Kelsey, with good forethought, handed a plastic bag to keep in my purse incase someone needed it in the taxi). We went to NB2, or “Noise Basement Two”, a club. Definitely clubbed-out from Japan, and not a fan of the forwardness of the Korean male gender, we nevertheless stayed there until 4:30AM (Happy 20th, Andrew!). 

Way dehydrated and beyond tired more than we even knew, we somehow located phoneless-everyone for what I consider to be The Best Part of the Korea Trip. 

Now, don’t judge me. 

But it was Burger King. 


(Kelsey, carrying the team here.)


so there are at least ten of these

to get your heart attack fix in Korea